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Our Company / Corporate GovernanceROLES AND MISSION OF THE CHAIRMAN


  1. 4.1 Chairman

    The Chairman (the “Chairman”) will be selected by the resolution of the Board, and in addition to applicable laws and rules, will act in accordance with this Board Charter.

  2. 4.1.1 Roles of the Chairman

    The Chairman will take a leadership role in the activities of the Board, will communicate with the President who is the lead executive in charge of management of JERA regularly, and will preside over general shareholders meetings of JERA in accordance with the resolution of the Board.

  3. 4.1.2 Mission of the Chairman

    Instilling the Corporate Philosophy:

    With a view to cultivating JERA’s new corporate culture, the Chairman, together with the other Directors, will be responsible for:

  4. 1.instilling in the Directors and all employees of JERA an awareness of and alignment on realizing JERA’s Corporate Philosophy; and
  5. 2.cultivating in the Board a positive culture of welcoming and respecting diversity of people, perspectives and opinions, in line with realization of JERA’s Corporate Philosophy.
Operation of the Board:

The Chairman will, by resolution of the Board, preside over the Board meetings and will:

  1. 1. make best efforts to ensure smooth and efficient proceedings;
  2. 2. appropriately and fairly address problems (if any) related to the performance of the individual Directors and internal disputes concerning the individual Directors.
Supporting effective functioning of the Board:

For the proper and efficient functioning of the Board, the Chairman, together with the other Directors, will ensure that:

  1. 1. each Director will, when appointed, participate in an induction and training program as described in Section 6.1;
  2. 2. each Director will receive all information necessary to perform duties;
  3. 3. the Board has sufficient time for discussion and effective decision-making;
  4. 4. Directors will communicate effectively with Management; and
  5. 5. each Director will assess the Board’s performance as and when appropriate.