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Our Business / Thermal Power StationsFuttsu Thermal Power Station


Main Specifications

  • Maximum output
  • Maximum design thermal efficiency

Basic Information

Address 25 Shintomi, Futtsu, Chiba Pref.
Site Area Approx. 1.16 million m²

Power Station Information

Output Capacity Fuel Commencement of Commercial Operation Power Generation Type
Group1 Unit1-1 167MW LNG December 1985 Combined Cycle
Unit1-2 167MW February 1986
Unit1-3 167MW May 1986
Unit1-4 167MW May 1986
Unit1-5 165MW July 1986
Unit1-6 167MW September 1986
Unit1-7 165MW November 1986
Group2 Unit2-1 160MW December 1987
Unit2-2 160MW February 1988
Unit2-3 165MW April 1988
Unit2-4 160MW May 1988
Unit2-5 160MW September 1988
Unit2-6 162MW September 1988
Unit2-7 160MW November 1988
Group3 Unit3-1 380MW Npvember 2003
Unit3-2 380MW July 2003
Unit3-3 380MW December 2001
Unit3-4 380MW July 2001
Group4 Unit4-1 507MW July 2008
Unit4-2 507MW November 2009
Unit4-3 507MW October 2010

25 Shintomi, Futtsu, Chiba Pref.