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Our Business / Investment ProjectsPaiton Coal Thermal IPP Project

Investment Projects

Paiton Coal Thermal IPP Project

In November 2005, Tokyo Electric Power Company (since renamed and referred to herein as “TEPCO”) acquired the shares in the project company (Paiton Energy) that operates Paiton I Project located on the eastern side of Java in Indonesia. Later in January 2006 acquired the shares in POMI , the company that maintains and operates the power plant.
In this project, TEPCO concluded a long-term power purchase agreement with Indonesia’s state-owned power company, PLN. Along with the expectation of stable revenue, we are utilizing the technology and expertise we have gained through our electricity business in operation and maintenance of power plants. In March 2012, an expansion project, Paiton III, began operations.
JERA succeeded to this project from TEPCO Fuel & Power in July 2016.


Project Outline

Company name Paiton Energy

Paiton complex in Indonesia (approx. 150km southeast of Surabaya)

Power output
  • Paiton I: 1,220MW
  • Paiton III: 813MW
    (as of March 2018)
Power generation method
  • Paiton I: Subcritical coal thermal power generation
    (Pulverized Coal Combustion Method)
  • Paiton III: Supercritical coal thermal power generation
    (Pulverized Coal Combustion Method)
Fuel Coal
Operating since
  • Paiton I: May 1999
  • Paiton III: March 2012
Investors JERA, Mitsui & Co., Nebras Power, Batu Hitam Perkasa

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