President, JERA Co., Inc. Yuji Kakimi

In Replacing Domestic Power Stations, a “Reverse Import” from the Overseas Power Generation Business

―― In September, JERA announced plans to replace aging domestic thermal power stations. How does what you are doing differ from what other electric companies have done before?

JERA Announces New Plan to Develop Thermal Power Generation in Japan

We are trying to engage in a “reverse import.” In replacing aging domestic thermal power stations, JERA plans to incorporate business schemes cultivated in our overseas power generation business. Power station construction overseas typically includes international bidding by manufacturers and construction firms as well as project financing. We want to increase our competitiveness by introducing such methods here in Japan, too.

Conversely, when it comes to overseas power generation we plan to spread Japan’s advanced operational techniques, safety measures, and environmental measures. By using what is good from Japan and what is good from overseas—by being borderless—we want to produce good things in both domains.

Setting High Goals for Building a New Business—
An Energy Company for a New Era

―― I have one last question. Tell me about your corporate principles. What do you yourself prioritize in management?

Kakimi: When it comes to management objectives, I set goals that are high enough that they cannot be reached through business as usual. From there I work backward to figure out what needs to be done to reach them. This inevitably means having to overcome challenges we’ve never faced before.

On the business side, for example, this means enhancing our ability to trade within fuel procurement, or playing a central management role in developing our own projects in the overseas power generation business. We’re adding greater sophistication to our trading by adopting a new risk management system that utilizes the world’s most advanced IT system.

When it comes to corporate culture, we know we have to play the role of a challenger, and are working to get everyone moving in the same direction because each and every JERA employee needs to share an understanding of what we need to tackle.

Setting ambitious goals, working backward to decide how to reach them, and then charging boldly ahead—I think this is how we become an energy company for a new era.

Management Objectives

Management Objectives

We aim to expand the size of our assets through measures such as expanding the fuel business by leveraging fuel procurement and developing borderless power generation proposals both in Japan and overseas.


Overseas Power Generation

Business development utilizing our "energy full lineup" and technology

Using our “energy full lineup” which spans from fuel supplies from projects we invest in to power generation, we will be actively involved in business project development. Through domestic thermal power generation we have obtained know-how of highly efficient power generation, which we will leverage to meet overseas power needs.

Overseas Power Generation

Sual Plant (Philippines)