Expand our business domain by creating strong and borderless power generation business technically and developmentally. Achieve both competitiveness in the market and mitigate environmental burdens.

The domestic power generation business will use existing infrastructure and the introduction of new technology to maintain and further increase our competitiveness and position in the domestic power generation business. We will be actively involved in projects, taking advantage of the features of our "energy full lineup" in our overseas power generation business. In addition, by taking mutual advantage of know-how acquired through both businesses, we will develop power generation business that excel in both scale and quality and improve market competitiveness both domestically and overseas while mitigating environmental burdens.

Domestic Power Generation

Highly competitive power development

We will replace existing TEPCO Fuel & Power and Chubu thermal power plants as well as build new facilities developing highly market competitive power in a timely manner. With the introduction of state-of-the art, high-efficiency equipment, we will also mitigate environmental burdens. Our know-how acquired through development and operation overseas will be reflected in our domestic business, enhancing our competitiveness.

Overseas Power Generation & Energy Infrastructure

Business development utilizing our "energy full lineup" and technology

Using our “energy full lineup” which spans from fuel supplies from projects we invest in to power generation, we will be actively involved in business project development. Through domestic thermal power generation we have obtained know-how of highly efficient power generation, which we will leverage to meet overseas power needs.

Synergy Effects

List of projects (as of April 2018)

List of projects