We aim to strengthen market competitiveness with our two-pronged fuel business and domestic and overseas power generation business approach, enhance corporate value, and reach our management goals by 2030.

JERA seeks to reach the goals we have set for 2030 through the synergistic effect of our fuel business and power generation business, which will enable us to expand our scale and domains in each business. We will achieve a strong value chain from the upstream to the downstream sector and build a system that can withstand changes to the business environment in our fuel business. And in our power generation business, we will replace existing TEPCO Fuel & Power and Chubu Electric Power thermal power plants in Japan as well as build new ones. Overseas, we will be actively involved in power generation infrastructure projects in rapidly growing emerging countries with the goal of increasing revenue.

Management Goals

Scale of Operation

JERA strives to be a global energy corporation capable of competing on the world stage and to optimize the fuel value chain. Sustainable growth and "origination" and "optimization", which will make that growth a reality, are at the core of JERA’s value creation.

Reference: Financial Positon after Integration of Shareholders' Existing Domestic Thermal Power Generation Business

JERA’s Financial Position after Integration of Shareholders’ Domestic Thermal Power Generation Business(announced on March 27,2018)

Summary of JERA’s planned financial position after the “Step 3” integration in JERA of the existing domestic thermal power generation businesses of TEPCO FP and Chubu, in accordance with their 27 February 2018 agreement. JERA plans to announce a business plan reflecting the integration of existing thermal power generation businesses prior to the integration, which will take place in April 2019.